Get more TIME for personalized individual conferencing using Captivators!

Captivators™ are daily instructional videos for 2nd-5th grade students. Captivators are located in the eWriteSteps Teacher Platform for grades 2-5 and also located in the CaptivationStation Student Platform for grades 2-5.

Captivators were created by the 2015 Michigan Technology Teacher of the Year, Joanna Van Raden. After hearing about the remarkable success Joanna had with her students when she created her own writing and grammar videos to blend her classroom, WriteSteps contacted Joanna to create Captivators. The result is truly amazing!

Captivators are short 5-7 minute instructional videos that cover every 2nd -5th grade lesson plan in eWriteSteps. Captivators significantly shorten instructional time so students can spend more time writing and teachers can spend more time with personalized conferencing. Captivators also enable greater fidelity of writing and grammar instruction across the school.

2nd Grade Sample
3rd Grade Sample
4th Grade Sample
5th Grade Sample
Pacing Guides & Standards Correlation Charts
Pacing Guides Standards Correlation Charts

What is CaptivationStation?

Inro video for CaptivationStation

CaptivationStation Demo

Inro video for CaptivationStation